09 julio 2010


The walls seemed to crawl closer as the seconds were decapitated by the ticking hands of the clock. His pounding heart repeatedly assaulted his ears, while his eyes were being attacked by the blinding whiteness of the room. The metallic taste of aged coffee scratched his dry tongue, and the nausea slugged from his stomach to his head.

His name came through the lips of the woman in black. She wasn't there before... or perhaps she was. Perhaps she had been white and blended with the walls. Perhaps she didnt exist at all. She screamed this time, and the mad trail hidden in the mildest tones of her voice hit the walls and echoed chaotic throughout the room.

He covered his ears with his hands, he wanted to stand up but an invisible force grounded him to the floor, as if tons of dry water were being poured over his head and shoulders. That seemed plausible, he was drowning as well.

He raised his head, and his pledge for silence extinguished in his throat, the screeching wails persisted, but she wasnt there. Maybe she was white again. Or maybe she turned red, and laid on the floor.